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Imperial Landaulette

A vintage or traditional wedding theme would go well with an Imperial Landaulette wedding car because it is a timeless and elegant ride. The following examples of wedding themes would suit an Imperial Landaulette bridal car:

Classic romance: The colour scheme for this theme can be predominantly white and pastel, with tasteful floral arrangements.

Hollywood glamour: If you want to give your wedding a dash of glitz, choose a Hollywood-inspired theme. This can entail a gold and black colour scheme, spectacular floral arrangements and numerous sparkling accessories.

Asquith Mascot

An Asquith Mascot wedding car is a unique and distinctive vehicle that could work well with various wedding themes. Because of its decorative nature, an Asquith Mascot wedding car could be a fun and quirky addition to a wedding with a playful or whimsical theme.

Consider a fairy tale theme for a wedding with a touch of magic and enchantment. This could involve using a palette of soft pastels with lots of flowers and sparkling accents. An Asquith mascot wedding car could add a touch of quaintness to this theme.

Asquith Wedding Car
Rolls Royce Wedding Car Norfolk

Phantom Rolls Royce

A Phantom Rolls Royce wedding car is a luxurious and sophisticated vehicle that would be well suited to a traditional or formal wedding theme. It could also work well with a vintage theme, depending on the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve for your wedding.

Décor could include large white lilies, ribbons, tall pillar candles and chandeliers. It would most suit a large and extravagant venue such as a banquet-style room, luxury hotel or manor house.

1934 Rolls Royce Landaulette

There is no doubt that the Landaulette is a magnificent example of Rolls Royce at its best. With all the grace and splendour of a typical Rolls Royce, the Landaulette is a much sought after wedding carriage.

It combines both comfort and sophistication with the unique experience of being both a saloon and a convertible. This gives you the option of having the hood up or down, or both! (Arrive with the hood up keeping your hair and dress pristine, then leave with the hood down covered in confetti and smiles!)

For memorable wedding photographs, the Rolls Royce Landaulette will help to enhance your wedding with a touch of romance, to make your day truly special.

Rolls Royce Laundaulette Roof Down
Wedding Limo Hire

Chrysler 300C Limousine

A Chrysler 300C Limousine is a luxurious vehicle perfect for various wedding themes. It exudes elegance and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for a traditional or classic wedding.

The luxurious interior of the limousine allows for ample seating, making it the ideal vehicle for larger wedding parties. The smooth white exterior of the car provides a clean look that is perfect for a classic wedding. It can also be decorated with white ribbons and bows for a more romantic look.

Silver Cloud II Convertible

A Silver Cloud II convertible car could be the perfect way to bring sophistication and glamour to a wedding. A classic Hollywood-themed wedding would be the perfect way to show off the car’s beauty. A black, silver and white colour palette could be used for the decorations and attire.

The reception could be decorated with antique-style furniture, while a live band could play classic hits to keep the guests entertained before the bride and groom’s grand entrance in the beautiful car.

silver cloud convertible rustic wedding
rolls royce laundaulette Hire

Rolls Royce Landaulette

A classic and timeless wedding theme would suit a Rolls Royce Landaulette car. The car is a statement of sophistication and luxury, so that it would be complemented by a classic colour palette of white, ivory and gold. The decorations could include white chairs with gold sashes, a white aisle runner, white and ivory floral arrangements and gold accents throughout.

The bridal party could be dressed in classic white gowns and tuxedos. The Rolls Royce Landaulette car could be decorated with white and ivory ribbons and a large bow to complete the look.