Venue Dressing

Blossom Tree Suffolk

Blossom Trees

It’s easy to see why our exquisite blossom trees are a perennial favourite for weddings. They bring the outside in and are romantic, realistic and lovely to look at in their own right.

They’re perfect to make your vows under and can also be used to decorate your top table. They have exceptionally full branches – made from solid wood – and the blossoms are crafted from the highest quality silk.

The blossom trees from our stunning collection are available to rent. From our towering 3.2-metre-tall canopy trees to matching tabletop blossoms, they are a beautiful addition to any type of wedding.

Chairs And Tables

We offer a range of chairs and tables, perfect for any wedding or occasion.

french bistro chairs style
Wedding Arch


One of our favourite pieces of occasion décor is the very versatile arch. Wedding arches can be used for the aisle, at the entrance, as a backdrop, behind the head table, or even above the cake.

Floral arches are the most popular, but we can also provide inventive ways to match your wedding vision. They provide a beautiful focal point and make a great photo opportunity for the newlyweds and the guests.

From pampas grass to palm leaves – you could also hang one of our neon signs from them for a particularly impressive display.


The centrepieces at your reception will serve as a key focal point and help in creating the overall tone and ambience. They are also ideal for adding individuality to the décor.

Whether you’re having a wedding with 100 or 1000 guests, we can make centrepieces unique to your personal style and based on your budget.

From elegant, small floral arrangements with candles to tall and extravagant designs, there are various options to choose from. Contact us for a consultation to view some of our centrepieces and talk through your ideas.

Table Centerpiece
Flower Walls

Flower Walls

Our exquisite flower walls are another perfect backdrop or photo opportunity for special occasions, adding a touch of elegance. Crafted from the best silk flowers, each flower wall is handmade to order.

They can be made in various sizes with the option of multi-flower, classic ivory or white. We also make substantial free-standing structures. For corporate events neon signs, bunting and balloons can be used alongside other eye-catching or practical signs.

They are ideal for all special events in the East of England. This includes weddings, birthdays, christenings, engagements, bridal showers, baby showers, photo booths, fashion shows, fashion shoots, launch parties, etc.

Moon Gates

For weddings, our magnificent moon gates make a stunning backdrop. They can be used for ceremonies, hanging tablecloths, cake displays or positioned behind the top table.

With the addition of flowers, you can customise them to match your wedding colour scheme. We can also add neon light-up signs to draw attention and illuminate your photos from day to night.

The full moon shape is simple but truly beautiful, and the circle also symbolises the wedding band and how you are complete as a couple.

Moon Gate Decoration
Neon Sign Hire

Neon Signs

Another illuminating piece of décor, our neon signs are perfect for weddings or engagement parties. We have sentimental phrases in grandeur typography, lit up in glowing neon.

They provide a beautiful photo backdrop and are a focal point for your reception. The eye-catching light will improve the venue’s ambience and provide an atmosphere that’s hard not to love.

To display these neon signs, we can also offer our brand-new copper frames or moon gates so you can create a stunning setup.

LED Letters

No matter the event – whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or a corporate gathering, our LED light-up letters and numerals truly provide the ‘WOW’ factor to any special occasion. From initials to ages, you can make an illuminating statement for the theme of your party.

Our custom 4-foot letters and numerals are available in rustic or white. We professionally deliver, install and collect your items, saving you time, money and stress. Please be aware that our letters and numerals are not for outdoor use.

Vintage LED Letters

Festoon & Fairy Lighting

Any venue can come alive thanks to festoons or an array of fairy lights, which are both beautiful ways to provide brightness that emits a soft, warm glow.

Strung up above reception tables or draped in trees, there are many ways to use these lights at your wedding or special event. They’re great for parties that go on until late, as they provide a romantic setting and enough light for guests to remain comfortable.

Festoons offer a quirky, retro touch as they originate from fairgrounds in the ‘50s. Thanks to their size, fairy lights have a more elegant and dainty look.


A few small finishing touches are necessary to make any venue perfect. We have plenty of extras to improve your decor design; it’s the equivalent of dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts in occasion décor.

From aisle runners and decorations to low fog machines and sparklers, discover all our luxurious extras to provide that special je ne sais quoi. You will be thankful you went the extra mile to get that ‘WOW’ factor and make your venue memorable.

Glass Candelabras