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Wedding Candy Floss

Candy Floss Hire

This sweet treat is hard to resist, especially when made in front of your eyes. It’s a traditional sweet snack enjoyed by all ages and provides a great photo opportunity.

Perfect for various events, including wedding receptions, village fetes and children’s parties, we can help if you want freshly spun sugar at your gathering. Great for entertaining guests and giving them a little sugar rush, our candy floss kiosks can easily be hired.

Donut Van

Our exclusive donut van offers fantastic packages for weddings and other special events. We will bring you freshly prepared cinnamon and sugar donuts that will have your guests drooling!

This traditional warm and tasty snack is enjoyed by all ages and is perfect as an after-dinner treat for a sugary pick-me-up before the dancing starts.

Teas and coffees, Shmoo milkshakes and candy floss are available as extras. Go all out and give your guests the best on offer.

donut van Norfolk
Ice Cream Bike Hire

Ice Cream Bike

No matter the weather or time of day, our classic ice cream bicycles will be enjoyed by all at your wedding or special event. Distinctive and easy to set up, let us seamlessly integrate into your special gathering.

We can serve any number of guests with a customised selection of ice creams using our homemade, award-winning dairy.

Because everything is always wonderfully fresh, we tend to get people coming back for seconds! Our team is friendly, accommodating and fully insured.

Chocolate Fountain

Our impressive chocolate fountains stand 5 tiers tall from an illuminated surround. Breathe in the smell of sweet chocolate as gallons of unlimited finest Belgium chocolate cascade down before you.

Smile at your guests enjoyment as they experience the fun of covering the choice of 12 delicious specially selected dips into the melted luxury, chatting with the people around them. Watch their faces as the taste moves across their tongue…

You may have to stop yourself from stampeding your guests out of the way and dive in… A chocolate fountain makes an elegant and unique addition to any party or event, and we are one of the UK’s most competitively priced chocolate fountain companies.

Please be wary of companies that are much cheaper…as they may be adding oil to their chocolate…or even re-using it !!

Chocolate Fountain Hire
Wedding Toilets

Luxury Toilet Hire